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How Technology does enhance learning for special needs students.

When planning our unit on "Learning about my local community" I wanted the students to gain knowledge of what places are in their local community that anybody can go to.   We went on a drive with each student having a digital camera to take photos of the places they knew in the local Mt Roskill community. We also took photos of other places that anybody can go to in the community. They of course took many photos. We then took these photos and uploaded them to Vuvox, an online collage maker. Using the interactive whiteboard the students worked collaboratively together to choose which photos to go into the collage, edited the photos and made a collage which they called; Mt Roskill Community, Places  where you can go...   

When choosing which technology to use I was aware that the reason to use a piece of technology is not because that piece of technology does fun things and looks flashy but because it will change teaching and learning as a result of using it. The aim of using Vuvox was to assist the students to learn and remember the places in the community where anybody can go.  I decided to use this tool because the students I work with are visual learners and through encouraging reflective thought and collaboration they made a collage that assisted them to learn. 


The next week when I asked the students “where can we all go in our local community” collectively they were able to recall them all. I have never had this happen before without me prompting the students. I attribute this to the complete process we went through to make our vuvux collage.

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Comment by Merryn Dunmill on May 22, 2012 at 9:18

This is a wonderful description of situated learning and of Universal Design - holistic and varied learning for ALL. Your hui workshop is going to be a rich experience for us all as we consider the WHO, WHAT, SO WHAT and THEN WHAT considerations of planning for learning. Thanks for sharing Lorraine!

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